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Q&A around medical tourism

1What is medical tourism
Medical Tourism is a new concept used to represent obtaining medical or surgical services while traveling or vacationing in another country.
2What are the medical procedure the tourists are looking from medical tourism through ICOMTS
There are a lot of different medical/surgical options for medical tourists. Primarily, medical tourists get elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments;organ transplant ( liver & kidney ) , eye diseae & sight correction by lazec , bariatric surgey, cardiac disease and surgery , psychatric problem and addiction, and any procedure that is usually not covered by insurance or has a long waiting time in their home country.
3How to assess the hospital & the doctors?
If the hospital has an international certificate like JCI then this gives it credibility. This applies to the doctors if they have international certificates in their specialities . The nurses also should be well trained & sufficient in number
4What encourages a patient to come to Egypt through ICOMTS for treatment?
There are hundreds of hospitals in Egypt that are fully equipped with the latest forms of technology & some have international certificates that prove their equality with the biggest medical centers in the world. There are more than thirty thousand consultants working in different branches of medicine & some of them affiliated to most of the medical centers.
5Does the health care insurance company cover the expenses of the medical trip?
This is possible within the given regulations that is if the medical treatment abroad is cheaper or if the patient needs urgent medical care or if his country doesn't provide this kind of medical care.
6How about the language barrier?
Egypt is an Arab country & Arabic is its formal language but most Egyptians speak English or French or both languages & those working in the field of medicine & tourism speak fluent English .
7What about the medical costs ?
This will be calculated according to the total costs which enables the patient to know in advance the needed amount.

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icomts in cooperation with Karnak for tourism
present the best hotel and flight rates inside
and outside Egypt